Our soul and root: quality

Quality is the soul of products and the foundation of enterprise development. We Haimei people always put quality in the most important position. Through the formulation of quality strategy, the establishment of quality system, and the supervision of quality supervision system, our products must be: high-quality products, stable quality, and controllable products. At the same time, we can provide you with professional after-sales service.
Quality strategy
Risk based supplier evaluation
Perform supplier and potential assessments
Suppliers include suppliers and public information based on our history and existing preliminary risk assessment. Risk factors considered include:
The region (country) or the region (country) from which the materials are obtained, the type of materials, the history of the acquisition company, including media articles, and reports of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
Supplier Verification/Certification
A supply chain validation procedure has been established, requiring all suppliers to certify in writing that:
Quality certificate
Warranty certificate
Effective quality contract
Internal accountability standards
We maintain internal accountability standards and procedures for our employees and contractors. In case of failure, we will follow these standards, further provide training improvement plans and strictly supervise the implementation.